Java Spring Boot overview (pt1)

Currently, in AD 2023, Java Spring Boot is the most popular backend web app software development framework with over 50% market share. I think knowing how to use Java Spring Boot is a must-have skill in software development nowadays.Java Spring Boot is built on the top of the Spring platform.According to the official statement at, Spring Boot makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring based Applications that you can “just run”.(Early-plugs insertion point. A few seconds of silence in audiovisual.)To the best of my knowledge, Java Spring Boot is mostly used to implement REST API backend server. I don’t know yet what other types of applications Java Spring Boot can be used to implement, if any, other than REST API backend server.Spring Boot has two major official references at, Reference Doc and Api Doc.The Spring Boot Reference Doc has the following copyright terms. “Copies of this document may be made for your own use and for distribution to others, provided that you do not charge any fee for such copies and further provided that each copy contains this Copyright Notice, whether distributed in print or electronically.”The Spring Boot Api Doc is a Javadoc with the documentation in the Spring Boot source code. Spring Boot is an open-source project at with Apache License 2.0.So, so long as I don’t charge any money, I can distribute any portions of both the Spring Boot Reference Doc, and the Spring Boot Api Doc.As a part of my Java Spring Boot learning process, I’ll go over the Spring Boot Reference Doc and Api Doc.The Spring Boot reference documentation consists of the following sections.Using Spring Boot: Build Systems, Structuring Your Code, Configuration, Spring Beans and Dependency Injection, DevTools, and more.Core Features: Profiles, Logging, Internationalization, Task Execution and Scheduling, Testing, and more.Web: Servlet Web, Reactive Web, Embedded Container Support, Graceful Shutdown, and more.Data: SQL and NOSQL data access.IO: Caching, Quartz Scheduler, REST clients, Sending email, Spring Web Services, and more.Messaging: JMS, AMQP, Apache Kafka, RSocket, WebSocket, and Spring Integration.

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