Arteries of the human body (v2) (pt3)

Thyrocervical trunk is divided into inferior thyroid artery, transverse cervical artery, and suprascapular artery. Inferior thyroid artery has inferior laryngeal artery, tracheal branches, esophageal branches, ascending cervical artery, pharyngeal branches, glandular branches. Transverse cervical artery has superficial branch, deep branch / dorsal scapular artery or descending scapular artery (scapular anastomosis). Suprascapular artery has acromial branch, scapular anastomosis.Costocervical trunk has deep cervical artery, and Supreme Intercostal artery (also known as superior intercostal artery or highest intercostal artery).(Early-plugs insertion point. A few seconds of silence in audiovisual.)Arteries of the torso and chest are divided into lungs, heart, and aorta.Lungs have pulmonary artery (Right pulmonary artery, Left pulmonary artery (with Ligamentum arteriosum [arterial ligament also known as Botallo’s ligament, Harvey’s ligament, and Botallo’s duct])).Heart has coronary circulation arteries, right coronary artery (RCA) (with sinoatrial nodal artery or sinuatrial nodal artery or sinoatrial artery or SA nodal, atrioventricular nodal branch or AV nodal, Atrial branches, Right marginal branch, Posterior interventricular artery [PIV, PIA, or PIVA, most often called the posterior descending artery (PDA)]), left coronary artery (LCA) (with left anterior descending artery [also LAD, anterior interventricular branch of left coronary artery, or anterior descending branch], Left circumflex branch [also known as circumflex branch of left coronary artery, or the left circumflex artery, or circumflex artery] (with Left marginal artery)).Aorta is sectioned into ascending aorta (AAo), aortic arch (also known as arch of the aorta, or transverse aortic arch), Descending aorta, Thoracic aorta, Abdominal aorta, Aortic body.Aortic arch is sectioned into Brachiocephalic artery, Left common carotid artery, Left subclavian artery.Brachiocephalic artery has Thyreoidea ima artery, Right subclavian artery, Right common carotid artery.Left common carotid artery has External carotid artery, Internal carotid artery, Carotid body, Carotid sinus, Carotid bifurcation.Left subclavian artery has internal thoracic artery (ITA) (previously commonly known as the internal mammary artery, a name still common among surgeons) (with anterior intercostals branches, thymic branches, pericardiacophrenic artery, perforating branches), terminal (with Musculophrenic artery, superior epigastric artery), Costocervical trunk with Highest intercostal artery (Posterior intercostal arteries 1–2), Deep cervical artery.Descending aorta has visceral (with bronchial arteries, esophageal arteries, mediastinal branches), and parietal (with Posterior intercostal arteries 3–11, subcostal arteries, superior phrenic arteries).

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