Venus terraforming plan

Venus terraforming plan by Allen Young.Here’s how I plan to terraform Venus for interplanetary mass human migration to Venus, within the next few decades hopefully.Mass-scale outer space humanity expansion of any kind—be it interplanetary, interstellar, or intergalactic—cannot happen without nuclear-fusion reactors powered interplanetary spaceships. I’m absolutely sure of that.(Early-plugs insertion point. A few seconds of silence in audiovisual.)So the first order of business in enabling terraforming Venus is developing one or more commercializable nuclear-fusion reactor technologies that will produce vastly more energy than the energy put in.Secondly, nuclear-fusion reactors powered interplanetary spaceships must be developed and commercialized for terraforming Venus.Thirdly, nuclear-fusion reactors powered Venus atmosphere terraforming technology must be developed for terraforming Venus. The Venus atmosphere is almost purely carbon dioxide, the green house gas that traps heat. The current Venus atmosphere of carbon dioxide, CO2, must be transformed into water, H2O, and solid carbon using hydrogen and nuclear-fusion reactors powered molecule recombination technology; the Venus atmosphere must be transformed into the Earth atmosphere, which is 78.08 percent nitrogen, 20.95 percent oxygen, and 0.93 percent argon.Fourth, if and as needed, the Venus surface crust must be terraformed into the Earth surface crust, by nuclear-fusion reactors powered industrial spaceships and robots, so that plants can grow and animals can live on Venus surface.The needed raw materials for terraforming Venus atmosphere and crust can be harvested by fully autonomous nuclear-fusion powered interplanetary spaceships and AI-enabled robots, from Venus crust, other planets, planetary moons, and/or Sun’s surface, and be transported to where they are needed above Venus in the terraforming Venus atmosphere.Fifth, plant and animal growth-acceleration biotechnologies must be developed and commercialized for quickly populating the Earth-like-atmosphere-and-crust Venue surface with floras and faunas, in less than a year.It will take quite a bit of nuclear-fusion reactors powered outer space tech and biotech development work with regulatory approvals to make the Venus terraforming happen; I’m sure Robocentric Outer Space division will eventually get to terraforming Venus for all of humanity to use.

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Allen Young

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