Capitalism is democracy!

Caplitalism is democracy in the sense that people vote on businesses and human workers with their wallets.Capitalism empowers the people, because it gives the people the ultimate economic decision-making power.In capitalism, the businesses with the products that people want to pay for survive, stay alive, and even thrive, whereas the the businesses that people do not want go extinct.In capitalism, the people with no market-demanded skills don’t get hired and paid, whereas the people with market-demanded skills do get hired and paid.(Early-plugs insertion point. A few seconds of silence in audiovisual.)In capitalism, the people are the ultimate economic decision makers, whereas in socialism and communism, political dictators are the ultimate economic decision makers.Caplitalism is economic democracy, economic freedom to choose, and economic intelligence, whereas socialism and communism are economic dictatorship, economic authoritarianism, economic tyranny, and economic stupidity.Intelligent people embrace and cherish capitalism, and end up with prosperity; stupid people embrace and cherish socialism and communism, and end up with poverty.The ultimate end of capitalism is always prosperity; the ultimate end of socialism and communism is always poverty.Capitalism is for intelligence people; socialism and communism are for stupid people.You’re intelligent when you embrace capitalism; you’re stupid when you embrace socialism and communism.Lazy and incompetent people get economically punished in capitalism for their laziness and incompetence, whereas lazy and incompetent people get economically rewarded in socialism and communism for their laziness and incompetence.Capitalism couldn’t be more economically right; socialism and communism couldn’t be more economically wrong.Capitalism is the way to be for the intelligent people; dumb people try socialism and communism for a while, then they inevitably give up on socialism and communism because socialism and communism never work, and always create abject, miserable, pathetic, and tragic poverty.

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I am Allen Young; I’m an Asian-American man who focuses on advancing AI, robotics, human longevity biotech, and nuclear-fusion powered outer space tech.

Allen Young

The transhumanistic Asian-American man who publicly promotes and advances AI, robotics, human body biotech, and mass-scale outer space tech.