Arteries of the human body (v2) (pt5)

Uterine artery (for women) has arcuate vessels of the uterus, vaginal branches, ovarian branches, tubal branches, Spiral arteries.Inferior gluteal artery has accompanying of sciatic (ischiadic) nerve, cruciate anastomosis.Internal pudendal artery has inferior rectal artery, perineal artery (posterior scrotal arteries, posterior labial arteries), artery of bulb of penis and artery of bulb of vestibule, urethral artery, deep artery of the penis (with helicine arteries of penis), deep artery of clitoris, dorsal artery of the penis, dorsal artery of the clitoris.(Early-plugs insertion point. A few seconds of silence in audiovisual.)External iliac arteries have inferior epigastric artery (Corona mortis), deep circumflex iliac artery, femoral artery (see arteries of lower limbs).Median sacral

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