Java Spring Boot overview (pt2)

Container Images: Efficient container images and Building container images with Dockerfiles and Cloud Native Buildpacks.Production-ready Features: Monitoring, Metrics, Auditing, and more.Deploying Spring Boot Applications: Deploying to the Cloud, and Installing as a Unix application.GraalVM Native Image Support: Create a native executable from your application using GraalVMSpring Boot CLI: Installing the CLI, Using the CLI, Configuring the CLI, and more.(Early-plugs insertion point. A few seconds of silence in audiovisual.)Build Tool Plugins: Maven Plugin, Gradle Plugin, Antlib, and more.“How-to” Guides: Application Development, Configuration, Embedded Servers, Data Access, and many more.The Spring Boot reference documentation has the following appendices.Application Properties: Common application properties that you can use to configure your application.Configuration Metadata: Metadata that you can use to describe configuration properties.Auto-configuration Classes: Auto-configuration classes provided by Spring Boot.Test Auto-configuration Annotations: Test auto-configuration annotations that you can use to test slices of your application.Executable Jars: Spring Boot’s executable jars, their launchers, and their format.Dependency Versions: Details of the dependencies that are managed by Spring Boot.Spring Boot is implemented in Java. Spring Boot 3.1.2 API has 429 Java packages that provide the following.Core Spring Boot classes.Actuator support for AMQP and RabbitMQ.Core actuator auditing classes.Actuator auditing listeners.Classes for general actuator auto-configuration concerns.Auto-configuration for actuator AMQP concerns.Auto-configuration for actuator audit concerns.Auto-configuration that extends health endpoints so that they can be used as availability probes.Auto-configuration for actuator Spring Bean concerns.Auto-configuration for actuator cache concerns.Auto-configuration for actuator Cassandra concerns.Auto-configuration for actuator Cloud Foundry concerns.Auto-configuration for actuator Cloud Foundry concerns using WebFlux.Auto-configuration for actuator Cloud Foundry concerns using Spring MVC.Auto-configuration for actuator condition concerns.Auto-configuration for actuator Spring Context concerns.Auto-configuration for actuator property concerns.Auto-configuration for actuator Couchbase concerns.Auto-configuration for actuator Elasticsearch concerns dependent on Spring Data.Auto-configuration for actuator MongoDB concerns dependent on Spring Data.

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