Names of all the muscles in human body (v2) (pt2)

head, tongue has the inferior-fibers genioglossus muscle, the middle-fibers genioglossus muscle, the superior-fibers genioglossus muscle, the hyoglossus muscle (ceratoglossus), the chondroglossus muscle, the styloglossus muscle, the superior longitudinal muscle of tongue or superior lingualis or superior longitudinal lingual, the transverse muscle of tongue or transversus linguae, the inferior longitudinal muscle of tongue or inferior longitudinal lingual, and the vertical muscle of the tongue or verticalis linguae.(Early-plugs insertion point. A few seconds of silence in audiovisual.)head, tongue and soft palate has the palatoglossus or palatoglossal muscle.head, soft palate has the tensor veli palatini muscle, the levator veli palatini, the palatopharyngeus muscle, and the uvula also known as the palatine uvula.head, pharynx has the stylopharyngeus muscle, the salpingopharyngeus muscle, the thyropharyngeal-part inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle, the cricopharyngeal-part inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle, the chondropharyngeal-part middle pharyngeal constrictor muscle, the ceratopharyngeal-part middle pharyngeal constrictor muscle, the pterygopharyngeal-part superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle, the buccopharyngeal-part superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle, the mylopharyngeal-part superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle, and the glossopharyngeal-part superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle.head, larynx has the straight-part cricothyroid muscle, the oblique-part cricothyroid muscle, the transverse arytenoid muscle, the oblique arytenoid muscle, the aryepiglottic-part oblique arytenoid muscle, the vocalis thyroarytenoid muscle, the thyroepiglottic-part thyroarytenoid muscle, the external-part thyroarytenoid muscle, the posterior cricoarytenoid muscles, the lateral cricoarytenoid muscles, and the ceratocricoideus muscle.Neck, Clavicular has the platysma muscle, and the sternocleidomastoid muscle.Neck, Suprahyoid has the anterior-belly digastric muscle, the posterior-belly digastric muscle, the stylohyoid muscle, the mylohyoid muscle or diaphragma oris, and the geniohyoid muscle.Neck, Infrahyoid has the sternohyoid muscle, the sternothyroid muscle or sternothyroideus, the thyrohyoid muscle, the superior-belly omohyoid muscle, the inferior-belly omohyoid muscle, and the Levator muscle of thyroid gland or levator glandulae thyroideae.Neck, Anterior has the longus colli muscle, the longus capitis muscle, and the rectus capitis anterior muscle.Neck, Anterior/Lateral has the rectus capitis lateralis.Neck, Lateral has the anterior scalene muscle, the medius scalene muscle, the posterior scalene muscle, and the minimus scalene muscle.Neck/Upper Limb, Verterbral Column, Lateral has the levator scapulae muscle.Neck, Posterior/Lateral has the obliquus capitis superior muscle, and the obliquus capitis inferior muscle.

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