Why women cheat, why humans are greedy and selfish

Women cheat because sexual partner variety is much more genetically beneficial than sexual partner exclusivity.Expecting a woman to be sexually faithful to just one man is expecting the increase in the chance of humanity going extinct. Women had to be sexually promiscuous for humanity to survive, prosper, and become genetically diverse and strong.Before the industrial revolution and biomedicine, women produced six, seven, or more children on average, and half of children didn’t reach adulthood due to the frequent if not constant femines, diseases, and wars. If a woman produces all of her six children with just one man, and if that one man has genetic problems or weaknesses that wasn’t known to the woman before procreation or that the man hid from the woman he sexually procreated with, then all of her offsprings would be in a serious genetic trouble and be genetically inferior perhaps even unfit for the further procreation into the next generation, whereas if a woman produces several children with several different men, then her genetic risk-taking in procreation would be dramatically mitigated.(Early-plugs insertion point. A few seconds of silence in audiovisual.)Most humans are not consciously and rationally aware of why they do the things that they do.One key supposition I use in my Unified Humanity Science is that human beings are genetically wired for maximizing their species survival and prosperity; if human beings weren’t genetically designed for the human species success, the human species wouldn’t have survived and prospered at all.For the human species to survive and prosper, humans must consciously and unconsciously continuously seek human genetic diversification, self-benefit, survival, and prosperity.Humans are genetically designed to be ruthlessly selfish and self-serving and greedy, because that is the only way to assure the survival and prosperity of humankind.In my Unified Humanity Science, for mapping the outwardly observable human behaviors to their human genetic and cerebral causes, I will QMASP (Quantify, Model, Analyze, Simulate, and Predict) how and why women are genetically designed and wired to seek procreative human genetic diversification consciously and unconsciously, at the human female body subsystematic, organic, tissular, cellular, subcellular, molecular, atomic, and subatomic levels!

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Allen Young

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