Some notes on writing a Java software program (pt1)

A Java source code file has the extension .java.A Java source code file is compiled before execution using the ‘javac’ executable file, and executed using the ‘java’ executable file.The Java SE Platform API contains many useful classes and interfaces.Some classes and interfaces have a special relationship with the Java programming language. Examples include classes such as Object, Class, ClassLoader, String, and Thread, and the classes and interfaces in the package java.lang.reflect, among others.(Early-plugs insertion point. A few seconds of silence in audiovisual.)Use the Java SE Platform API documentation for the predefined, built-in Java classes and interfaces.For documentation on Java language reflection, refer to the Core Reflection API (java.lang.reflect) and the Language Model API (javax.lang.model).Try the preview Java language and API features only if you’re a real hardcore Java software programmer who wants to push the envelope in Java language and API; otherwise, they’re not worth bothering with.As a Java software programmer, you write module, package, class, interface, field, method, constructor, enum-constant, record, annotation, expression, and statement definitions in one or more Java program source code files.The Java language specification uses the context-free grammars to define the lexical and syntactic structure of a program.A context-free grammar consists of a number of productions. Each production has an abstract symbol called a nonterminal as its left-hand side, and a sequence of one or more nonterminal and terminal symbols as its right-hand side. For each grammar, the terminal symbols are drawn from a specified alphabet.Starting from a sentence consisting of a single distinguished nonterminal, called the goal symbol, a given context-free grammar specifies a language, namely, the set of possible sequences of terminal symbols that can result from repeatedly replacing any nonterminal in the sequence with a right-hand side of a production for which the nonterminal is the left-hand side.A lexical grammar of the Java programming language has the characters of the Unicode character set as its terminal symbols. It defines a set of productions, starting from the goal symbol Input, that describe how sequences of Unicode characters are translated intoa sequence of input elements.These input elements, with white space and comments discarded, form the terminal symbols for the syntactic grammar for the Java programming language and are called tokens. The Java syntactic grammar tokens are the identifiers, keywords, literals, separators, and operators of the Java programming language.

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