Joints and ligaments of human body (part 3)

Thorax has Costovertebral, Sternocostal, Interchondral, and Costochondral.Costovertebral has Head of rib, and Costotransverse.Head of rib has Radiate ligament, Intra-articular ligament.Costotransverse has Costotransverse ligament, Lumbocostal ligament.Sternocostal has intraarticular sternocostal ligament, radiate sternocostal ligaments, costoxiphoid ligaments.Interchondral has no ligaments.Costochondral has no ligaments.Pelvis has Syndesmoses of pelvic girdle, Pubic symphysis, and Sacroiliac.(Early-plugs insertion point. A few seconds of silence in audiovisual.)Syndesmoses of pelvic girdle has Obturator membrane, Obturator canal.Pubic symphysis has superior pubic ligament, inferior pubic ligament.Sacroiliac has anterior sacroiliac ligament, posterior sacroiliac ligament, interosseous sacroiliac ligament; ligaments connecting the sacrum and ischium, which include sacrotuberous ligament, sacrospinous ligament.Joints and ligaments of the human leg include Hip, Knee, Tibiofibular, and Foot.Hip includes femoral (iliofemoral, pubofemoral, ischiofemoral), head of femur, transverse acetabular, acetabular labrum, capsule, zona orbicularis.Knee includes Tibiofemoral, Patellofemoral.Tibiofemoral includes Capsule, Anterior meniscofemoral ligament, Posterior meniscofemoral ligament; extracapsular, which includes popliteal (oblique, arcuate), collateral (medial/tibial, fibular/lateral); intracapsular, which includes cruciate (anterior, posterior), menisci (medial, lateral), transverse, anterolateral.Patellofemoral

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