Veins of the human body (part 1)

For advancing human longevity biotech, and other medical biotechnologies, I study all the veins in the human body, and I aim to perform brand-new biotechnological researches on the human-body veins for advancing medical biotech, such as human-body veins manufacturing and replacement biotech for medical applications.I’ll go over all the names of the human-body veins, in this publication, as a part of my biotech R&D endeavors, using Wikipedia as the main reference.(Early-plugs insertion point. A few seconds of silence in audiovisual.)The human-body veins include veins of the heart, pulmonary veins, superior vena cava, inferior vena cava, hepatic portal vein.Veins of the heart include coronary sinus, which include great cardiac vein, oblique vein of left atrium, middle cardiac vein, small cardiac vein.Superior vena cava include brachiocephalic vein, internal jugular vein, cerebral veins, orbital veins, azygos vein, veins of upper limb.Brachiocephalic vein include inferior thyroid vein, inferior laryngeal vein, pericardial veins, pericardiophrenic veins, bronchial veins, vertebral vein, deep cervical vein, internal thoracic veins, supreme intercostal vein. Vertebral vein include occipital vein, and anterior vertebral vein. Internal thoracic veins include superior epigastric veins, musculophrenic veins, and anterior intercostal veins.Internal jugular vein include lingual vein, superior thyroid vein, middle thyroid veins, sternocleidomastoid vein, superior laryngeal vein, facial vein, retromandibular vein, external jugular vein, dural venous sinuses, diploic veins, emissary veins.Lingual vein include dorsal lingual veins, sublingual vein, and deep lingual vein.Facial vein include angular vein, supratrochlear veins, supra-orbital vein, external nasal veins, deep facial vein, external palatine vein, submental vein.Retromandibular vein include superficial temporal veins, middle temporal vein, transverse facial vein, maxillary veins, pterygoid plexus.External jugular vein include posterior auricular vein, anterior jugular vein, suprascapular vein, transverse cervical veins.Dural venous sinuses include transverse sinus, confluence of sinuses, marginal sinus, occipital sinus, petrosquamous sinus, sigmoid sinus, superior sagittal sinus, inferior sagittal sinus, straight sinus, inferior petrosal sinus, superior petrosal sinus, cavernous sinus, sphenoparietal sinus.Cerebral veins include superficial cerebral veins, internal cerebral veins, veins of brainstem, cerebellar veins. Internal cerebral veins include basal vein, and great cerebral vein.Orbital veins include superior ophthalmic vein, and inferior ophthalmic vein. Superior ophthalmic vein include nasofrontal vein, ethmoidal veins, lacrimal vein, vorticose veins, ciliary veins, central retinal vein, episcleral vein.

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