Java Spring Boot overview (pt4)

Support for exporting actuator metrics to StatsD.Support for exporting actuator metrics to Wavefront.Auto-configuration for JPA metrics.Auto-configuration for Jersey actuator metrics.Auto-configuration for Mongo metrics.Auto-configuration for JPA metrics.Auto-configuration for R2DBC metrics.Auto-configuration for Redis metrics.Auto-configuration for actuator startup time metrics.(Early-plugs insertion point. A few seconds of silence in audiovisual.)Auto-configuration for task execution and scheduling metrics.Auto-configuration for Jetty actuator metrics.Auto-configuration for Tomcat actuator metrics.Auto-configuration for actuator Neo4J concerns.Auto-configuration for the Micrometer Observation API.Auto-configuration for Spring Batch observations.Auto-configuration for Spring GraphQL observations.Auto-configuration for web client observation support.Auto-configuration for WebFlux actuator observations.Auto-configuration for Spring MVC observation support.Auto-configuration for actuator Quartz Scheduler concerns.Auto-configuration for actuator R2DBC.Auto-configuration for actuator scheduling concerns.Auto-configuration for actuator security using WebFlux.Auto-configuration for actuator security using Spring MVC.Auto-configuration for actuator Spring Sessions concerns.Auto-configuration for actuator ApplicationStartup concerns.Auto-configuration for actuator system concerns.Auto-configuration for Micrometer Tracing.Auto-configuration for tracing with OTLP.Auto-configuration for Prometheus Exemplars with Micrometer Tracing.Auto-configuration for tracing with Wavefront.Auto-configuration for tracing with Zipkin.Classes shared between Wavefront tracing and metrics.Core classes for auto-configuration of actuator web concerns.Auto-configuration for actuator HTTP exchanges.Configuration for a Jersey-based management context.Classes for auto-configuration of actuator web request mapping concerns.Configuration for a WebFlux-based management context.Actuator web server support.Actuator Spring MVC support.Actuator support for application availability concerns.Actuator support relating to Spring Beans.Actuator support for caches.Actuator support for Cassandra.Actuator support relating to Spring Context.Actuator support relating to external configuration properties.Actuator support for Couchbase.Actuator support for Elasticsearch dependent on Spring Data.Actuator support for Mongo dependent on Spring Data.

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