Are Western women genetically inclined to be feminists? Psychology and genetics of feminism

Feminism took off after the Industrial Revolution and the biomedical revolutions in the West, when the Westerners, both men and women, started to live longer and could afford some ease and comfort in their lives due to the western technological and economic advances.Two parts of the world went through mass-scale industrialization, the West, and East Asia.To the best of my knowledge, feminism never became something big or prominent or a significant social concern and force in East Asia, so I asked myself the following questions.(Early-plugs insertion point. A few seconds of silence in audiovisual.)Why did feminism appear and became a social phenomenon only in the West?Are the Western women genetically predisposed for feminism?Which one or more of the behavioral human genes cause feminism?Did the Western behavioral male genes, not the Western behavioral female genes cause feminism in the West? What were the exact human genetic and cerebral roles that the Western males played in the rise of feminism in the West?Sexism has been prevalent and predominant everywhere across the entire human world; why did only the Western women collectively rose against sexism and fought against sexism, while the non-Western women stayed silent about sexism? More specifically, the British women and the Anglo-Saxon American women intigated feminism in the West: why those women, not any other women, became the vanguards and bastions of feminism?A dictionary definition of feminism on Wiktionary is “a social theory or political movement which argues that legal and social restrictions on women must be removed in order to bring about equality of the sexes in all aspects of public and private life.”Strong sexism caused feminism in the West; what the Western women revolted against was the tremendous sexism on the Western women by the Western men.In the West, women couldn’t vote before the rise of feminism.In the West, women had a lot of socioeconomic restrictions before the rise of feminism such as being barred from owning properties.I know for sure that sexism has been universal, but only in the West feminism rose and became prominent.Severe sexism had existed in Ancient Greece and Rome where the non-slave, free women were legally classified and treated as second-class citizens.Severe sexism has existed in East Asia, in China, Japan, and Korea, until it was mitigated by the westernization process of East Asia, but as it has been frequently reported on the media, China, Japan, and Korea still remain sexist societies and nations.Severe sexism has existed in the Middle East, particularly via Islam, but feminism and industrialization haven’t developed strongly in that region of humanity, although the trend has been women gaining some rights in the Middle East.So, what caused the Western women to be effective and staunch feminists?One requirement for feminism is being assertive about one’s wants, rights, and demands, and being able to band and mobilize for promoting and advancing one’s cause. It’s been shown that the Western women and people in general are highly assertive and highly prone to banding and mobilizing for promoting and advancing their causes, whereas the East Asian women and people in general are not very assertive and not inclined to stand out for fighting for their causes; so, the human behavioral gene or genes that cause assertiveness and standing out for promoting and advancing one’s cause might be a significant, if not the decisive, factor in the rise of feminism in the West.In my Unified Humanity Science, I will find out the Western human genetic and cerebral causes of feminism as well as sexism.

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