Names of all the muscles in human body (v2) (pt3)

Neck, Posterior has the rectus capitis posterior minor muscle, and the rectus capitis posterior major.Torso, Abdomen has the rectus abdominis muscle–also known as the “abdominal muscle” or simply the “abs”, the abdominal external oblique muscle, the abdominal internal oblique muscle also internal oblique muscle or interior oblique, the transverse abdominal muscle (TVA)–also known as the transverse abdominis and transversalis muscle and transversus abdominis muscle, the pyramidalis muscle, and the quadratus lumborum muscle.(Early-plugs insertion point. A few seconds of silence in audiovisual.)Torso, Abdomen, inguinal canal and scrotum has the cremaster muscle.Torso, Back has the iliocostalis colli muscle, the iliocostalis lumborum muscle, the iliocostalis thoracis muscle, the longissimus colli muscle, the longissimus thoracis muscle, the lumbar-part longissimus thoracis muscle, the spinalis capitis muscle, the spinalis colli muscle, the spinalis thoracis muscle, the semispinalis thoracis muscles, the semispinalis colli muscles (cervicis), the multifidus lumborum muscle, the multifidus thoracis muscle, the multifidus colli muscle, the rotatores lumborum muscle, the rotatores colli muscle, the interspinales lumborum 1-4 muscles, the interspinales thoracis 1-3 muscles, the interspinales colli 1-6 muscles, the intertransversarii anterior colli 1-7 muscles, the intertransversarii lateral posterior colli 1-7 muscles, the intertransversarii medial posterior colli 1-7 muscles, the intertransversarii lateral lumborum dorsal parts 1-5 muscles, the intertransversarii lateral lumborum ventral parts 1-5 muscles, the intertransversarii medial lumborum 1-5 muscles, the intertransversarii thoracis 1-9 muscles, and the splenius cervicis or splenius colli muscle.Torso/Neck, Back has the longissimus capitis muscle, the semispinalis capitis muscle, and the splenius capitis muscle.Torso/Upper Limb, Back, Vertebral column has the latissimus dorsi muscle.Torso, Back, thoracis has the rotatores long 1-11 muscles, and the rotatores short 1-11 muscles.Torso, Chest has the the external intercostal 1-11 muscles or external intercostals, the internal intercostal 1-11 muscles, the innermost intercostal 1-11 muscles or the intima of the internal intercostal muscles, the Subcostales (Infracostales) 1-n muscles, the transversus thoracis muscle also known as triangularis sterni, the levatores costarum longi 1-4 muscles, the levatores costarum breves 1-12 muscles, the serratus posterior inferior muscle also known as the posterior serratus muscle, the serratus posterior superior muscle, and the hemidiaphragm lumbar/costal/sternal part muscle.

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