Arteries of the human body (part 2)

Lingual artery is divided into suprahyoid, dorsal lingual, deep lingual, sublingual.

Facial artery is divided into cervical branches (ascending palatine, tonsillar, submental, glandular), facial branches (inferior labial, superior labial / nasal septum, lateral nasal, angular).

Occipital artery is divided into sternocleidomastoid, meningeal, occipital, auricular, descending.

Posterior auricular artery is divided into stylomastoid, stapedial, auricular, occipital, Parotid.

(Early-plugs insertion point. A few seconds of silence in audiovisual.)

Superficial temporal artery is divided into transverse facial, middle temporal (zygomatico-orbital), anterior auricular, frontal, parietal.

Maxillary artery is divided into 1st part or mandibular, 2nd part or pterygoid, and 3rd part or pterygopalatine. The 1st part or mandibular is divided into anterior tympanic, deep auricular, middle meningeal (superior tympanic, petrosal), accessory meningeal, inferior alveolar. The 2nd part or pterygoid is divided into muscles of mastication (deep temporal, pterygoid, masseteric), buccal. The 3rd part or pterygopalatine is divided into posterior superior alveolar, infraorbital (anterior superior alveolar), descending palatine (greater palatine, lesser palatine), artery of the pterygoid canal, sphenopalatine (posterior septal branches, posterior lateral nasal), pharyngeal.

ICA is divided into cervical, petrous, cavernous and ophthalmic, and brain.

Cervical has carotid sinus.

Petrous has Vidian and caroticotympanic.

Cavernous and ophthalmic have orbital group, ocular group, ciliary (short posterior, long posterior, anterior), Circulus arteriosus major, hypophysial (superior, inferior). Orbital group has anterior ethmoidal, posterior ethmoidal, lacrimal (lateral palpebral), medial palpebral, terminal (supraorbital, supratrochlear, dorsal nasal). Ocular group has central retinal.

Brain has Circle of Willis, ACA (anterior communicating, Recurrent artery of Heubner, Orbitofrontal artery), MCA (anterolateral central, Prefrontal artery, Superior terminal branch, Inferior terminal branch, Anterior temporal branch), posterior communicating, anterior choroidal.

ScA is divided into vertebral artery, thyrocervical trunk, and costocervical trunk.

Vertebral artery is divided into meningeal, spinal (posterior, anterior), basilar (pontine, labyrinthine), cerebellar (AICA, SCA, PICA), cerebral (PCA).

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