Arteries of the human body (part 1)

For advancing human longevity biotech, and other medical biotechnologies, I study all the arteries in the human body, and I aim to perform brand-new biotechnological researches on the human-body arteries for advancing medical biotech, such as human-body arteries manufacturing and replacement biotech for medical applications.

I’ll go over all the names of the human-body arteries, in this publication, as a part of my biotech R&D endeavors, using Wikipedia as the main reference.

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The human-body arteries are grouped into the aorta, the arteries of the head and neck, the arteries of the upper extremity, the arteries of the trunk, and the arteries of the lower extremity.

The arteries of the head and neck include the common carotid arteries, and the arteries of the brain. The common carotid arteries include the external carotid artery, the triangles of the neck, and the internal carotid artery.

The arteries of the upper extremity include the subclavian artery, and the axilla. The axilla arteries include the axillary artery, the brachial artery, the radial artery, and the ulnar artery.

The arteries of the trunk include the descending aorta, and the common iliac arteries. The descending aorta includes the thoracic aorta, and the abdominal aorta. The common iliac arteries include the hypogastric artery, and the external iliac artery.

The arteries of the lower extremity include the femoral artery, the popliteal artery, the anterior tibial artery, the arteria dorsalis pedis, and the posterior tibial artery.

Arteries of the head and neck are divided into CCA (common carotid arteries, or carotids) and ScA (subclavian arteries). CCA is divided into ECA (external carotid artery) and ICA (internal carotid artery).

ECA is divided into superior thyroid artery, ascending pharyngeal artery, lingual artery, facial artery, occipital artery, posterior auricular artery, superficial temporal artery, and maxillary artery.

Superior thyroid artery is divided into superior laryngeal, sternocleidomastoid branch, infrahyoid branch, cricothyroid branch, glandular branches.

Ascending pharyngeal artery is divided into posterior meningeal, pharyngeal branches, inferior tympanic.

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