How people from failed bloodlines think, feel, and behave (psychology, Unified Humanity Science)

I know how people from failed bloodlines think and feel and behave, simply because I myself came from multiple generations of failed bloodlines on both paternal and maternal sides. I am one of the people who came from miserably and pathetically failed bloodlines.

Every human being desires to be successful and be of a great bloodline and of a high socioeconomic standing; but that’s not how the human reality actually is. Most people aren’t fantastically successful; most people aren’t from a prestigious bloodline; and most people do not have a high socioeconomic standing.

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Over the years, I’ve observed the great discrepancy between what the humans really want and the actual human reality; I’ve carefully analyzed the human psychological mechanism for coping with the great distance between what humans want and what the human reality actually is.

I want to talk about this great human psychological power to desire what isn’t. Humanity advances because humans desire what is not; humanity ascends because humans desire to become much more than what they are, and desire to rise above their current lot in life. Humans are fundamentally dissatisfied and greedy animals; simply being able to eat, and simply staying alive is never enough to the human psychology; the human psychology wants the ascension into the highest realm of the human existence, to the highest socioeconomic and political standing.

Humans have enormous psychological capabilities; enormous events transpire in humanity, simply because humans are complex psychological animals.

You don’t need to have a great birth to dedicate your life to toiling for giving great value to other people. I’ve discovered that some people with low birth have a tendency or desire to hide their low birth, because they want to get more from other people than what they give to other people, and they don’t want their low birth to get in the way of getting more from other people.

People of low birth have self-pity. Self-pity is a great driving force in humanity; why do humans have self-pity? What are the exact consequences of human self-pity?

Self-reckoning is an extremely powerful event in an individual human being’s life. A human being grows up with lies that are fed by parents, other adults, and the society at large; adults constantly lie to kids, telling kids that you can be anything you want to be when you grow up, although that is never true; the truth is kids can grow up to be only what they are meant to be; at some point in a person’s life, the person realizes who he or she really is, and recognizes all the vicious lies that have been fed to him or her. A girl grows up thinking that she’ll end up being a fairy tale princess when she grows up, because that is what has been told to her by the lying adults around her and the society at large; one day, the forces of reality makes her realize that her life will never be a fairy tale, and her life will never be a bed of roses; what kind of psychological effect does that self-reckoning exactly have? Adults lying to kids, in order to make life bearable for kids, is not an isolated event; adults lying to kids has happened in every generation across all of humanity; what human genes and cerebral activities exactly compel adults to lie to kids about human life and human truths? What are the exact human psychological causes and consequences of adults lying to kids? I’ll find out all the exact human genetic and cerebral causes and effects of adults lying to kids.

In my Unified Humanity Science, I will find out how human-individual birth, genetics, expectations, desires, and circumstances affect and decide human outcomes at the human-body subsystem, organic, tissular, cellular, subcellular, molecular, atomic, and subatomic levels.

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